Day 52

I met Sarah & her father, Carlos, at Cafe Chez Jose on Ave Duluth in Montreal. It’s a really cute family run Portuguese cafe with quirky decor, and a lot of vegan options! I fell in love with the photographs on the vibrant yellow wall. There was something very unique about them. Each photograph told a story and had a soul. Turns out Sarah’s dad took those photos and he happened to be at the cafe while I was there so I was able to speak to him in person!

Me: “What advice would you give to your younger selves?”

Carlos: “It’s hard to pick out one over any other. Giving advice to my younger self has to do with the point of view of today, but when I think of my younger self, I think of a free, exuberant, fearless individual who was not very receptive to advice like everybody else today. I’d perhaps tell my younger self to be a bit more disciplined, I think that’d be helpful. To have a sense of focus. Because we see our former selves through our present, it’s so easy to find faults in our former selves, isn’t it? I’d rather be tender towards myself as a child, rather than being tough. It’s also important to identify what your passion is. Try to figure out what really turns you on. It’s not as easy as it seems.”

Sarah: “Skin problem affected me a lot in the past, around the beginning of adulthood. It blocked me from doing stuff I could have gone for, certain dreams and projects. I wish I hadn’t let it affect me so much and just not think about it so much. It’s not important. We stop ourselves from doing things we want to pursue due to lack of confidence. Sometimes really ridiculous things hold us back. I had weight issues and I was just so self conscious. We don’t have to be so self-centered, so self-conscious. We just look at ourselves too much, instead we should focus more on what’s going on around us. That’s something I’d have really liked to know when I was younger. It’d have helped me face some obstacles. I don’t let it affect me anymore. I am working in a super interactive environment all the time. My mind is different now. I am really focused on the outside world and I try not to see myself all the time.”


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